FRP Portable Water Tank<

FRP Portable Water Tank with Trailer
  • With no joints or seams to leak or cause problems
  • They will not rust, chip, peel or corrode and they have a unique ribbed design that gives the tank added strength.
  • economical way to add hold-ing capacity for water in portable rescue situations.
  • All of our trailers are built heavy Duty to allow for a long life.
FRP Portable Supply Box
  • With Trailer
  • Volume Capacity:
    4.50 cum / 4500ltrs
  • Dimensions:
    Length: 2.30 mtr
    Width: 1.40 mtr
    Height: 1.40 mtr
  • Customizable sizes
  • Has great load bearing capacity
  • Supply box is made of Fiberglass
  • A large number of drawers and cupboards allows safe and hygenic transportation of all required equipment.