Fiberglass Pipes

FRP aboveground and underground piping is used for municipal, chemical, and industrial applications including transmission of acids, caustics and solvents, and for cooling tower lines, waste water treatment process lines, raw material inlet and discharge lines.
  • Oil field gathering lines
  • Wastewater Applications
FRP Pipes
While sewer and drainage piping continues to be dominated by concrete, there are many areas where FRP is preferred choice. Concrete pipe deteriorates rapidly in sewage due to hydrogen sulfide attack. FRP is unaffected by hydrogen sulfide or purging with caustic or hyphochlorite to surpress sulfide odor.
FRP Pittings

FRP pipe has excellent hydraulic and physical performance, it can reisst acid, alkali, salt, seawater, wastewater, corrosive soil, and various organic solvent. No any other anti-corrosive treatment is needed.
  • FRP pipe has great unsupported strength capability
  • Corrosion resistant interior and exterior
  • Lightweight
  • Easy to fabricate / install. has a very smooth interior for higher flow rates
  • Flexible system
  • Flame retardant and heat resistance
FRP Pipe Fitting:
  • Performance Tested
  • Leak-free joints
  • Low Maintenance
  • Process pipe for petroleum, chemical engineering and papermaking.
  • Sewage, seawater desalination
  • Food fermenting, beverage processing, and medicine, etc.
  • Pipe for drinking water
  • Pipe for oilfield flooding
  • Pipe for hot water and seawater
  • Pipe for field irrigation
  • Pipe for industrial Wastewater Treatment