Stoneworks Specialist Int'l Corporation

Originally known for Designer Stones.
Incorporated in April 1997 to manufacture cultured stones and solid surfaces (known as cast polymer); StoneWorks choice of manufacturing and distributing SUPERIOR products started with synthetic stone products which are stronger than a natural stone, produce a better finish, higher resistance to stains, abrasion, corrosion, and other superior attributes, compared to natural stone.

Over the years, StoneWorks has diversified and grown rapidly. Today, we continue to be known as an EXCELLENT supplier of designer stone line of products as well as the largest maker of fiberglass vision mission dealers products in the Philippines with production plants spanning in three main islands of the Philippine Archipelago.


Brilliant Product Engineering

boatStoneWorks Marine Composite Division boasts of a growing array of fiberglass products, with watercraft (passenger boats, speedboats, etc.) as the main product line. In boat-building, its pioneer project is the construction of 300 fishing boats, each 70 feet in length, for the tuna industry in General Santos City. Other ongoing projects include coastal patrol boats for the Bureau of Fisheries and Aquatic Resources and small inter-island trading boats for the National Development Corporation.

StoneWorks Fiberglass Division also produces motorcycle-mounted boxes for food deliveries, swimming pool slides/tubes playground slides and crawling tubes, water fountains, mascots and statues ideal for theme parks, amusement centers, play areas, resorts and even the sundecks of passenger liners. High-value fiberglass products include underground fuel tanks for gasoline stations.

StoneWorks cultured stone products remain popular among real estate developers, construction companies, interior decorators, home or office remodelers, and businesses that require stone-surfaced materials. Our product lines include countertops, wall panels, bathroom and dining room accessories, bathtubs, window sills, facings, custom sinks, floor tiles and tables and desks for various uses. We build the products according to customer specifications. From floors and doors to walls, panels and furnishings, we take care of their needs including lighting and plumbing.

Consistent and committed to clients, StoneWorks products and services proudly make architects', companies', and builders' dreams and ideas become reality.